At St Thomas’ we love Jesus, love students, and love our city. We believe that following Jesus as a student is the most exciting and meaningful way to live, and we want to resource, equip, and encourage you as you do so. If you’re new to faith or are just beginning to think about Jesus we’d love to hear your story and help you explore becoming a Christian. Whoever you are, and whatever you believe, you’re always welcome to join us for Church on a Sunday.

As a church we put some building-blocks in place to help us follow Jesus. This includes teaching the Bible on a Sunday, midweek community time together, creative spaces to worship and celebrate together, sharing food, and joining together for mission. We are a new church community with a passion to share our faith, plant new churches, and see the city transformed. We’d love you to join us. 

What’s on for students?

As well as worshipping on a Sunday, we have midweek community time on a Tuesday night. We’d love to welcome you in for home-cooked food and time with other students as we learn to follow Jesus together. Click below to drop our student worker, Brogan Hume, a message for more info!

If you can’t make Tuesday nights for any reason, please still drop us a message - we’re currently planning a group to meet on a different day so that everyone can be part of the community.


Can I come to church with a friend, even if I don’t believe in God?

Yes, of course. Everyone is welcome, and we have lots of people at church who are there just because they really enjoy it, come to support friends, or are exploring faith. You won’t be the only one!

What should I wear?

You won’t find us dressed up in ‘Sunday best’ at St Thomas’ - just wear whatever you normally would.

How long is the service, and what time does it start? 

We kick off at 4pm, and the service is normally about 1 hour 15 minutes. We’ll often then have pizza or cake after the service.

What actually happens at a service?

Head into church and one of the welcome team say hello and give you a welcome pack. We’ll start the service by singing together, led by a band from the front. After that there will be a talk (about 25 minutes) in which we’ll explore a passage from the Bible together. Then there will be more time for singing and there will be people to pray with you if you’d like. At the end of the service there will be cake and drinks.

Is it free?

Yes! It’s all free.

Will I have to pray if I don’t want to?

Nope. There won’t be any expectation for you to pray unless you want to.